Machine-Assisted Sensemaking

Find, organize, and synthesize high-value information from multiple online documents and group members to produce something of value.

Learning and external memory environment:

HyLighter helps you to overcome information overload and promote creative thinking by accelerating identification and assimilation of high-value information in large document collections. As you engage with the technology and interact with the content and others (i.e., humans and machines), you become increasingly capable of thinking within a problem space and more prepared for the spark of serendipity that results in deep insights. To quote Pasteur, “Fortune favors the prepared mind.”

Multi-Document Collaboration System:

A HyLight is a color-coded fragment of text, related comments, and other meta-content (i.e., content about content including tags, links, time/date stamp, and author ID). HyLighter allows you to:

  • Add HyLights to a document
  • See where your HyLights are separate from and overlap with others
  • Determine where perspectives converge and diverge
  • Engage in discussions tied to specific fragments of text
  • Combine and share high-value HyLights from multiple documents for a wide variety of purposes

Knowledge Trail Authoring Tool:

A Knowledge Trail is a subset or mashup of high-value HyLights extracted from multiple documents and arranged in a narrative structure or storyline with high-speed links back to their exact locations within their sources. Among other uses, a Knowledge Trail enables rapid review of key pieces of information in large document collections and preserves an audit trail and historical record of thought across a collection of documents.